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February 09
Plan to drive economic transformation

​AS the sphere of government closest to the people, eThekwini Municipality is committed to the empowerment of Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMME) to accelerate their growth. Access to high-quality, innovative business support can dramatically improve the success rate of new business ventures.

Our Municipality works with different stakeholders to promote the growth of businesses which will result in a growing economy. Our government is serious about radical economic transformation especially in the SMME sector. That is the focus in all spheres of government especially at local government level which is the first line of contact with citizens. Local government is about changing the lives of ordinary people, as the sphere that is closest to them. Our City is guided by the objectives set out by provincial and national government to ensure that the collective vision of creating a vibrant and prosperous small business sector is realised.

Accelerating economic transformation among youth and women is our top priority. Therefore, the City is moving ahead with the implementation of a radical economic transformation policy framework that will give opportunities to youth, women, disabled, military veterans and rural communities. On 31 January, Council approved the Framework Policy on Economic Empowerment and Transformation and this will ensure that there is radical economic transformation in our City.

This policy will ensure that people who have been previously disadvantaged are given job opportunities in the City. Our mandate is to bring about real change in our communities, by improving the quality of life of all people through radical economic transformation. Since we were elected in August, we have prioritised job creation, youth empowerment, small business support and community empowerment and we will continue to drive economic development for the next five years.

The level of poverty, rate of service delivery, disruption of projects in communities and the slow pace of economic transformation has always been a major concern for us. We want to advance the empowerment of our people, particularly youth, women and the disabled by ensuring that they are brought into the mainstream economy.



The municipality should be applauded for its proposed initiative of assisting and developing small businesses. According to research, small businesses both in the mainstream and second economy make a significant contribution to the gross domestic product (GDP) and they employ quite a significant percentage of the population. The municipality’s involvement in bolstering small businesses will definitely go a long way in improving the standard of living of the people in Durban and South Africa at large.
In exploring areas in the economy that may require urgent attention, it is perhaps proper to note that industries can broadly be divided into three folds, namely, primary, secondary and tertiary. The South African economy is currently represented in all these three industries. However the primary industry has been noted to be an area where South Africa is lagging behind especially when compared to its international counterparts. For example, there are arguably no advanced technology driven products that are designed and manufactured in South Africa such as cellphones, automobiles and household appliances. Even the main clothing brands that are popular in our local stores are imported.
The importance of the manufacturing sector in growing and expanding the economy cannot be over emphasized. So, as an institution that is at the coalface of service delivery, the municipality should probably consider ways and means of making a decisive contribution to the manufacturing sector in Durban and the surrounding areas. This contribution should be in the context of developing small and emerging businesses so as to ensure their sustainability.

The municipality can for instance initiates projects that will encourage graduates in the field of engineering to start their own businesses as opposed to seeking employment from well established companies.
Such intervention should not be viewed in isolation but an integrated approach should be considered and adopted. For example, the promulgation of the Framework Policy on Economic Empowerment and Transformation should go in tandem with reviewing the aspects of the economic policy that are relevant to the sphere of local government to ensure that such economic policy is kept abreast with the changing environment. The importation of cheap products that can easily be manufactured locally is for example one phenomenon that should be considered for curtailment as it destroys the local economy.
Once a culture of entrepreneurship has been promoted and entrenched a foundation of making South Africa a first world country will have been laid.

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Glad to hear that, thank you for sharing! This is
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Het is het meeslepend verhaal van Tom Naegels over de jonge journalist Tom die zo stilletjes in een quarterlife crise belandt. Hij wil settlen met zijn vriendin en besluit een huis te kopen. Bij de notaris echter stokt zijn adem, hij kan geen krabbeltje zetten op de nodige papiertjes. En daar zit Nadya, de mooie Pakistaanse asielzoekster, zeker voor iets tussen. Hij leert haar kennen op een integratiecursus voor inwijkelingen, waar Tom haar strikt voor een interview. Tom raakt gefascineerd door Nadyi, en er bloeit een ontluikende liefde. Maar algauw bieden er zich cultuurkloven en taalproblemen aan.

De personages zijn zo herkenbaar en zo doorsnee, dat je er niet bij stil staat dat onze evidenties voor anderen onbegrijpelijk zijn. De scène die dit het mooist illustreert is de 'lachen met de deelnemers van Idool'-scène. Welke belg (behalve uiteraard de deelnemers van het desbetreffend programma) doet dit niet? Een zak je chips, een fles cola, de preselecties op de beeldbuis en lachen maar. Nadya begrijpt dit niet, ze ziet enkel mensen die hun droom nastreven, zoals zij doet, zoals zij Belg wil worden. Zo hadden we het nog niet bekijken, Nadya!

De hoofdrolspelers zetten een geweldige en geweldig geloofwaardige prestatie neer. Pepijn Caudron vertolkt de rol van Tom als geen ander! Jan Verheyen onderbreekt de film regelmatig met monologen. De monologen spelen zich af in een witte kamer, het lijkt wel alsof je in Tom's hoofd zit en hij reflecteert over de dingen die hij net heeft gezegd of gedaan. Heerlijk! Hoeveel keer komt het wel niet voor dat je iets zegt en dat je net daarna beseft wat je gezegd hebt en je ongelooflijk dwaas voelt.
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Re: Plan to drive economic transformation

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